Author Topic: A Couple of Very Interesting Articles in TidBITS #1567  (Read 117 times)

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A Couple of Very Interesting Articles in TidBITS #1567
« on: June 15, 2021, 10:21:47 AM »
While our iPhone 6S still is enough for most of the iOS 15 new functions, its days are definitely limited. Especially mine which gets somewhat rougher treatment; lately I'm happy just to see a screen when I pick it up! I have learned the one-hand, shut-down-reboot trick! :eusa_dance:

The first article lists hardware The Real System Requirements for Apple's 2021 Operating Systems. It talks about...(return to beginning of this paragraph).

For those of you who have recovered from the dizzying paragraph above, the second article describes some very useful ways Apple has increased our privacy options.
• I was surprised to see that the 1 x 1 pixel, invisible graphic method in Mail is still in use! :wallbash: Those will now be recognized and blocked. IP Masking will also become available.
Safari 15 has extended "Intelligent Tracking Prevention".
Location sharing has been slightly altered and we may see more requests for allowing our location to be used.

iCloud+ enables:
• Hide My Email
• 50GB for $1/mon
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