Author Topic: App Store Stubborn Opening Problem  (Read 43 times)

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App Store Stubborn Opening Problem
« on: July 15, 2021, 05:10:49 PM »
After I finally got Big Sur macOS 11 installed (worst install process I've ever experienced!), I found that on every Startup or Restart, the App Store would always open to the BS page. That tricked me once into actually doing at least one re-install! :wallbash:

I never found any help about this behavior with a web search (even using Google!). I double-checked Login Items, "Open at startup" settings on every app I could think of. No help finding anything there either.

I usually always have the "Reopen windows..." setting enabled. I disabled that, the App Store did not 'auto-open', nor did anything else, of course. That's when I finally noticed that when I manually opened Safari or if it was open and I had the 'Reopen windows...' enabled, the App Store would also open to the BS page!

Not being a complete idiot (no matter what you might have heard!), I decided to investigate what would cause Safari to open App Store. Eventually, I found the answer in the Safari/History menu. There, in an item called "Recently Closed", was an Apple page that had a link to the App Store page for the new OS!!

I often use the "Reopen all windows from last session" item in the History menu; simply opening Safari usually just opens my home page, that "Reopen all.." item is a fast way to open dozens of tabs with one click. However, for some reason, it was now also opening at least one of the pages in its History list, the one that does nothing much except to open the App Store to the BS page. :wallbash:

Fortunately, the History menu also includes, at the extreme bottom(!), a "Clear History" item. I used that and, at long last, opening Safari, even with a Restart, no longer also opens the App Store!! :clap: :thumbup: :sweatingbullets:

Now, if BS would just open as fast as Catalina did... :coolio:
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