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Tech / Re: Is there a way to migrate email folders?
« on: July 23, 2021, 08:38:29 AM »
Raven, if you're using Migration Assistant with either a clone or a Time Machine backup, you simply do the full migration - including whatever you've got set up in Mail now, and then deal with it on the new Mac. I'd recommend sorting your older stuff into folders in the Mail section "On My Mac" (ie: folders that are stored locally and not in your IMAP account). Also - Mail has a fairly decent search function, so there should be no reason to scroll... ;)

Tech / Re: Migrating files to a new iMac
« on: July 22, 2021, 07:39:42 PM »
The Apple doc should be the definitive bit of info.

The only thing they don't really cover is - do NOT set up a new account on the new iMac before you start. Just use Migration assistant and let it do its thing. :)

Tech / Re: Why can't I download OS Mojave from the App Store?
« on: July 17, 2021, 10:41:04 AM » is a good source. I also use as well.

In this case, CanadaRam has the two 8GB ram modules for $118, (Samsung) which is slightly cheaper than Memory Depot's kit.

Or you can shave a few more dollars off with Crucial ram from Amazon:

Either of these will work fine. NewEgg has the Crucial kit as well - couple of dollars more.

Tech / Re: Apple Mail has disappeared!
« on: July 16, 2021, 12:07:40 PM »
Note: it's good that the Mail data folders are back - all you did was re-index (and re-create) them. If they disappeared during this operation, that would not be good!

Well, at this point, I have to conclude that there is something very wrong somewhere and that it goes beyond normal Mail issues.

Does your mail work ok on your NEW iMac? Are you using IMAP for your mail? (just want to be sure you'll see exactly the same thing on all devices if everything is working ok). If you aren't using IMAP, then that's another issue and needs some discussion on how to switch to it.

If your mail works ok on the new iMac, then obviously the problem resides entirely with the 2012 MBP and its operating system/installation of Mail. (I'm just making sure here - there really hasn't been any discussion of this other than a note that a Test account worked ok for a few days and then started behaving badly.)

What email are you using? Gmail or just the Bell (got your email ;) ) ? Is the webmail working ok? (if it's all working fine on the other computers and your iPhone, then it's just the MBP. I'm just trying to rule out anything else we might have missed's not likely that it's an external problem, but got to ask in order to be sure.)

If everything is fine on other Macs/your iPhone, then cloning things on the MBP is apparently just copying the problem. You have said that you don't use this MBP for anything important other than email. So, assuming that you can access your email just fine on the iMac, copy any files off the MBP that you need that aren't saved elsewhere. Then wipe it. Completely. As if you were going to sell it. And start over. Don't install anything other than reinstall the OS and then add your Mail accounts. See if that works. Leave it for a few days to make sure it continues to work. Then add the stuff back that you actually need on this machine.

Instructions from Apple on how to wipe your MBP.
NOTE: make sure you de-authorize Adobe CS6 if you've got it installed on this machine. Otherwise you can't reinstall it without calling Adobe.

One more question - when you open Mail, have you ever gone to Console (in the Utilities folder) to see what you can see - any Crash Reports or other indications of what might be going on? Make a note of the exact time that Mail quit, and then have a look in the system.log for any clues. Often these reports aren't terribly useful to normal human beings, but still worth having a peek. You never know...

Tech / Re: Why can't I download OS Mojave from the App Store?
« on: July 16, 2021, 11:42:32 AM »
Yeah - 4GB of RAM is pretty slim these days, and I'm not surprised that the OS is complaining. Fire up Activity Monitor (in the Utilities folder) to see what is actually going on.

Your MBP can take 16GB of RAM (Apple said 8GB "officially" because that's all that was available at the time - it takes 16GB just fine. We only recently gave away our mid-2012 MBP - and it's still running fine. We put an SSD in it too...) So you really need to decide how much you want to spend on it or whether it's time for an upgrade, whether new or used. Generally when I get to the end of the line with the OS, I move on, but then there are the software issues. I have moved on to Affinity Publisher entirely. Still use Photoshop and Lightroom though (but got Capture One and own Affinity Photo as well...) through my son's school account, but that's about to end and then I'll have to decide. Probably will start paying through the nose to Adobe, at least for a while; I just don't have time to learn Capture One right now.

Tech / Re: Apple Mail has disappeared!
« on: July 14, 2021, 10:48:40 AM »
Um...let's roll this all back to the original issue.

I'm guessing there is corruption in the Mail folders somewhere. So there are various things that should be tried - not sure why this hasn't been suggested yet, as it's usually the place to start with mail issues. ;)

Obviously, do a cloned (preferably) backup before starting any of this.

Solution 1. Rebuild your accounts. This could take a while if you've got a lot of mail.
1. Launch the Apple Mail application on your device.
2. From the list of folders, select the folder that you wish to rebuild.
3. Click the Mailbox menu followed by Rebuild.
4. Check if the issue is resolved. If not, try the next solution.

Solution 2: Restoring Apple Mail Account
Step 1:
You can restore your Apple Mail account using the Preferences option.
Step 2:
On your Mac Mail application screen, click the Mail menu.
Step 3:
Go to the Preferences option.
Step 4:
In the window that opens next, select the Account option.
Step 5:
Disable and again select the Enable this account option.
Step 6:
Finally, click the Save button.
Step 7:
Now, check if the Mac mail mailboxes disappeared issue is resolved.

(I doubt that solution #2 will do anything, but hey, worth a try as it's painless)

Solution 3. Reindex your Apple Mailbox
Rebuilding your Mailboxes is often enough to solve many of the issues an overburdened Mail app may experience. However, if you’re still having problems (such as the app becoming so unresponsive it barely works or fails to launch), you should manually reindex your Mailboxes.

Here’s how to manually reindex your Mailbox:

1. Quit Apple Mail if the app is running.
2. Launch Finder and select Go from the Menu Bar.
3. Enter ~/Library/Mail/ and press Go.
4. Choose the V8 folder (depending on your macOS version, it can be named V5, V6, or V7) > MailData. Next, locate and delete all the files that start with Envelope Index, such as “Envelope Index” or “Envelope Index-wal.”
Note: It’s a good idea to copy each file to your desktop before deleting it.
5. Launch Apple Mail. The next time you open Mail, it will build entirely new Envelope Index files. You may have to be patient—this process can take a while if you have a lot of messages for Mail to go through. If everything is now working normally, you can safely delete the old envelope files you'd dragged to the desktop.

Tech / Re: Why can't I download OS Mojave from the App Store?
« on: July 13, 2021, 07:10:13 PM »
When you see "Open" instead of "Download" or "Get"(in Catalina and up) it means that you've already downloaded the item to your HD.

Have you looked in your Applications folder to see if there is a Mojave Installer there? It will be called "Install MacOS" - and it should be about 6.03GB

If it's there, double click and off you go. If it's there but smaller than expected, it could be a partial/interrupted download.

Or, if you can't find it all, then see: - it may be in the Library/Updates folder. (Leroy Douglas' post)

And if it's there, and full size - save it to a USB stick or external drive before you start; that way you won't have to download it all over again if you happen to need it.

Tech / Re: for Windows users
« on: June 27, 2021, 08:39:11 PM »
I mistakenly said that this affects M1 Macs, so I edited the title of the thread accordingly. Another day, another senior moment... :eek:

A neighbor, against my advice, bought a PC instead of Mac. When I tried it, I couldn't make head or tail of what to do. I finally figured out how to print (he didn't know either) but it involved right-clicking the document. There seemed to be no menus that the Mac has, like File, Edit, View, etc. It's a whole 'nother world.  :mad:

What? I use Windows frequently (not that I particularly like it or anything) and any app I've used has the usual menu...and Control P usually works. Were you trying to print an unopened doc? You can do that too... Anyway - more info is required if we're to provide any useful assistance/info for future purposes. ;)

It really isn't THAT different - other than Windows Explorer being a very poor substitute for the Finder and everything related to that. (don't get me started on how it doesn't put things in alphabetical order automatically and immediately...or how it keeps showing some arcane and (to me) utterly illogical selection of folders and drives and places it "thinks" I might want to go to in the default view...)

So are your folders actually hidden? I don't think Thunderbird "hides" user folders on a Mac. Should be able to find them in ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default/ which you'll find by drilling down from:
/Macintosh HD/Users/<username>/Library/ (where "username" is whatever your user account is called)

When you say you can see your profiles - are they the OLD ones or are they new ones? If you can see all your old customized folders and the inbox and outbox files are large, then chances are these are your old profiles. You'll need to drill down a bit and have a look around. The modified date on some of these folders should also match the last day you were able to see all your old folders - if it's recent (say, today) then you're looking at the existing (new) profile.

To restore it, I think it's basically a matter of copying it into the TB user data folder - I suspect that you may have a new one in there with nothing much in it.

I don't use Thunderbird, I'm afraid (though I apparently tried it out in 2018, because it's installed, LOL) - so if anyone else who actually DOES use it can chime in here, that might help.

Prin, the mail folders you lost were local folders - since you were/are using POP - so, I'm wondering if somehow Thunderbird became disconnected from your profile, so it appears that the mail is lost, when in fact it may still be there. (The SMTP issue is likely not related).

As per Jim's first link, have a look to see if you can find your TB profile files as a first step. As is noted in that link - the app and the profile are separate, and an update to the application shouldn't affect the profile or files within it.

More - example is for Windows, but I think the principles are the same on a Mac. Apparently this is NOT an unknown issue with TB.  <_<

Out of curiosity - any reason you're not using Mail? I switched to it over 10 years ago after being a long-time Entourage user, and I must say, despite a few complaints, it's actually worked pretty well for me. And I currently have 32 email addresses...and thousands upon thousands of emails in there. (many of the email addresses are connected to clients' domains - I'm not completely insane...yet)

BTW - if you do find your profile and mail folders, PLEASE back them up - copy them to a hard drive or a thumb drive or iCloud or SOMEWHERE (maybe twice) to be sure that you have them safely and then, and only then, start attempting the fixes to re-link the app and your profile. And get that backup drive up and running - whether as a clone or with TimeMachine. :) (I usually tell people to have both. Drives are cheap - your time and your data are not).

Tech / Re: PowerPC still in use!?
« on: June 09, 2021, 08:52:28 AM »
He's one of Richard's favourite people too... :)

Tech / Re: HELP! Mail question. . .
« on: June 08, 2021, 10:34:29 PM »
Um...I may be missing something here, but looks to me that the problem is in the preferences, Ed.

Select "Classic View" - should return you to what you're used to. You're in the kinda-looks-like-mobile view - which I hate!. I can make my mail look exactly like yours by unchecking that checkbox. (just tried it to be sure...yup)

I'm still using Mojave on my MBP - it has the "Classic View" mode, which they removed in Catalina, though I managed to make my Mail on the iMac running Catalina look exactly as it did before. :p

And if none of that works: (some of the more drastic solutions at the bottom)

Tech / Re: Still using Facebook?
« on: April 09, 2021, 05:07:54 PM »
I plan on joining FRANK when it opens up, and if it works, I'll leave FB.

What is Frank? I tried Googling it and got nada. There are various alternatives to FB out there, some of which look great...but couldn't find anything called "Frank"....and took me to a bitcoin site, LOL.

Tech / Re: T2 Macs
« on: March 30, 2021, 01:42:48 PM »
Good grief...NewEgg in Canada wants $181.99 for that beastie. (the drive enclosure). Interesting - one of the reviews notes that you can't put an SSD in there thicker than 2.5mm - something that eliminates quite a few SSDs. So be careful...

Amazon Canada has it for $79.99 + $9.60 import duty...well, that's certainly a better price! The listing there has some pretty impressive test data. (MacBook Pro, 2018, 2700 Mbps read, 1500 Mbps write)

Have you tested any transfer speeds with it, Chris?

Tech / Re: Desktop Pictures - why did Apple remove the old ones?
« on: March 22, 2021, 08:55:40 PM »
Those System 7 ones certainly are a trip down memory lane!  :toothgrin:

Don't think they'd look too good on my 5k 27" iMac, somehow. :p

Now all we need is the Oscar the Grouch trash can mod. Anyone remember that? We took it off our IIsi - too afraid that our firstborn, who figured out how to turn it on at the age of 10 months, was going to figure out that throwing things away was FUN! (It did happen to other parents of small children)

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