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Tech / Re: HELP! Mail question. . .
« on: June 08, 2021, 10:34:29 PM »
Um...I may be missing something here, but looks to me that the problem is in the preferences, Ed.

Select "Classic View" - should return you to what you're used to. You're in the kinda-looks-like-mobile view - which I hate!. I can make my mail look exactly like yours by unchecking that checkbox. (just tried it to be sure...yup)

I'm still using Mojave on my MBP - it has the "Classic View" mode, which they removed in Catalina, though I managed to make my Mail on the iMac running Catalina look exactly as it did before. :p

And if none of that works: (some of the more drastic solutions at the bottom)

Tech / Re: Still using Facebook?
« on: April 09, 2021, 05:07:54 PM »
I plan on joining FRANK when it opens up, and if it works, I'll leave FB.

What is Frank? I tried Googling it and got nada. There are various alternatives to FB out there, some of which look great...but couldn't find anything called "Frank"....and took me to a bitcoin site, LOL.

Tech / Re: T2 Macs
« on: March 30, 2021, 01:42:48 PM »
Good grief...NewEgg in Canada wants $181.99 for that beastie. (the drive enclosure). Interesting - one of the reviews notes that you can't put an SSD in there thicker than 2.5mm - something that eliminates quite a few SSDs. So be careful...

Amazon Canada has it for $79.99 + $9.60 import duty...well, that's certainly a better price! The listing there has some pretty impressive test data. (MacBook Pro, 2018, 2700 Mbps read, 1500 Mbps write)

Have you tested any transfer speeds with it, Chris?

Tech / Re: Desktop Pictures - why did Apple remove the old ones?
« on: March 22, 2021, 08:55:40 PM »
Those System 7 ones certainly are a trip down memory lane!  :toothgrin:

Don't think they'd look too good on my 5k 27" iMac, somehow. :p

Now all we need is the Oscar the Grouch trash can mod. Anyone remember that? We took it off our IIsi - too afraid that our firstborn, who figured out how to turn it on at the age of 10 months, was going to figure out that throwing things away was FUN! (It did happen to other parents of small children)

Tech / Re: Desktop Pictures - why did Apple remove the old ones?
« on: March 22, 2021, 01:45:21 PM »
Hehe...ask and ye shall receive...

Every Mac wallpaper here:

Info that led me there:

And, if that isn't enough and you want even more variety - THOUSANDS of fabulous FREE photos at

Tech / Re: It's time to admit dafeet?
« on: February 27, 2021, 11:02:51 PM »
If you're sending to a list, have you considered something like Moosend? (I think it allows scheduled sending on the free plan - Mailchimp no longer does)

Or - you can do scheduled sending from Gmail using the webmail version -  which also allows you to send to up to 500 non-Gmail addresses at a time and up to 2000 Gmail addresses.

Interestingly - there is a third-party desktop app for Gmail:

I'm assuming that you mean you have to disable your VPN to send email - not your "NVP" (an early form of VOIP) ;)

Tech / Re: Some news from CCC and SuperDuper
« on: February 17, 2021, 01:17:30 PM »
Depressing indeed...luckily both my Macs are less than 2 years old, so should be good for a few years yet!! I am running Catalina and have no intention of moving to Big Sur until I have to, which is rather unusual for me. I bought Parallels (15) and find out not too much later that it doesn't work with Big Sur. And V16 still has issues. And they want $65 for the upgrade - that still has issues. Since I have the Historical Society PCs downstairs at the moment, the ability to view website designs on PC browsers - and walk clients through things on PCs (which I seem to have to do with annoying regularity) is right here without messing around with virtualization. Until we re-open the Historical Room post-COVID, the PCs will live here. Of course I curse Windows daily. :D (Why, oh why, can't they fix their damn user interface? - Windows Explorer is like something dreamed up by a lunatic, and Explorer search is beyond useless...)

But all that aside, I hate that Apple seems to be making things ever more closed/non-upgradeable and worse, non-repairable. (it's not just them - every computer manufacturer is doing this - and it's the most incredibly environmentally unfriendly thing to be doing. Ethically bankrupt, IMHO) There is now only ONE Mac other than the Mac Pro, that even has upgradeable RAM. (27" iMacs) I expect that will go away too once they switch those to M1 or whatever variant they'll use for the desktops.

Interesting rumours re: new models though - 32 cores (!) and rumours of a half-size Mac Pro. Ah yes...but will it be half the price? Unlikely. :blink:

Tech / Re: The Only Place Better than TS!
« on: January 30, 2021, 01:09:12 PM »
We donate every year. :)

Tech / Re: How to find iCloud password
« on: January 24, 2021, 12:18:15 PM »
Have you gone through all the steps here, Raven?

(obviously, concentrate on the parts applicable to the Mac, rather than the iDevices.)

Tech / Re: Are you a digital hoarder?
« on: January 21, 2021, 03:31:58 PM »
😳  Ummmmm. . . Does having about 500 books on my Kindle app qualify? 🤣 OTOH, the vast majority of them are free books through, that I intend to tackle as soon as my free subscription to Kindle Unlimited runs out in April!

Course not. Books are exempt.  :toothgrin:

Says the woman with lord-only-knows-how-many-books-on-her-iPad-and-Kindle.

Love BookBub - the only problem with it being that it gets me hooked on reading various book series (which aren't "on sale") - which of course, is exactly what it's no doubt trying to do. But having several author friends, I'm sympathetic to the whole trying to make a living at being an author thing, so figure I should help out. :D

Tech / Re: How to find iCloud password
« on: January 20, 2021, 10:40:18 AM »
If you reset your iCloud PW, Raven, you'll have to re-enter it on all devices.

A password manager is recommended, though KeyChain will work in a pinch. Any password that you can easily type in (and remember) is almost certainly not terribly secure, unless it's long - and unless you use a DIFFERENT one for every instance where a PW is required. And by different, I don't mean changing a number on the end.  :wallbash:

And no, writing all those passwords down on slips of paper hidden in a desk drawer or in a notebook is no solution either. ;)

Interesting info on passwords:

Tech / Affinity offering 90 day free trials + 50% discounts
« on: January 19, 2021, 10:50:06 AM »
If any of you have been toying with the idea of trying out Affinity Photo or Publisher or Designer, now's your chance. They're offering 90 day free trials AND 50% off all their apps.

I have and use Affinity Publisher (use it instead of Adobe InDesign) and have Affinity Photo, though use it less than Lightroom/Photoshop. Affinity is a pretty capable replacement for Photoshop though - and at $34.99 CAD for a perpetual license it's a steal. (presumably US prices are even less...). I'm very happy with Publisher; it definitely serves my needs and I've used it for at least the last three years, for 50 page yearbooks for a camp and many, many newsletters for a dental association and the historical society.

Tech / Re: Are you a digital hoarder?
« on: January 19, 2021, 10:28:11 AM »
A cross between a "collector" and an "accidental" would be me. Ok...maybe a little of category 4, since I do have emails all the way back to 1999, but those are all personal ones that ten years earlier would have been hand written letters.

As a board member of our local historical society, it's interesting to contemplate the potential loss of so many of the day-to-day exchanges that so often give very telling glimpses into life in times past. Methinks those "anxious" hoarders may prove to be rather useful down the line.

We take photographic records of everything so much for granted - but sometimes nobody documents the ordinary; what did your neighbourhood look like 30 years ago? I live in a spot that, in 1840-1860 or so, had upwards of 60 houses, small shops and businesses. All completely gone now (in the 1900s a large part of it reverted to farmland), and no photographic record exists of any kind - because it just predated photography becoming widespread and common. How fascinating it would be to be able to see what it looked like then...

And I'm not telling you how many emails I have. :toothgrin: (and yes, I do weed. And yes, I do actually occasionally require info found in old ones...)

Tech / Re: The battery's capacity is significantly reduced
« on: January 01, 2021, 01:22:45 PM »
Larry, go to About This Mac->System Report->Power and the section you want to look at (or copy and paste here) will look like this (this is from my 2019 15" MBP):

Charge Information:
  Charge Remaining (mAh):   6058
  Fully Charged:   Yes
  Charging:   No
  Full Charge Capacity (mAh):   6297
  Health Information:
  Cycle Count:   60
  Condition:   Normal

A new 2017 13" MBA would likely have around 4596 mAh of battery capacity.

Does the battery condition say "replace soon" or "replace now"? Does the MBA die suddenly with no warning when there is still more than 10% charge left (ostensibly)? If the latter - get it replaced. Or replace it yourself - OWC has nice larger capacity batteries you can install.

Or get Apple to do it (though they won't be using the larger capacity battery OWC offers) - but at least if anything gets screwed up, it's on them, not you. ;)

Tech / Re: Who says "Tech" is not entertaining?!
« on: January 01, 2021, 12:53:07 PM »
Love that Boston Dynamics video - we've watched it several times in the last couple of days! :D

It's hard to remember that those are just machines...they seem so "alive."

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