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2003 / OK, some opinions please!
« on: February 05, 2003, 06:40:00 AM »
If you're thinking of ever running X on it, don't get a Lombard! Anything manufactured before September (I think - it could actually be later than that) has a motherboard which may flat out refuse to cooperate. I've read of a few users getting their motherboards replaced by Apple, but I wouldn't count on it. My husband's Lombard is August 1999 - so we haven't tried it.

Working Pismos go for close to $800 on eBay (Lombards around $600 + )- plus shipping. For that sort of money, I think I'd pay a little more and get a 12" iBook. They're nice little machines - had the opportunity to play with one the other day helping my son's teacher set up hers. Just my 2ยข.

I wouldn't go for a clamshell iBook - the screens are nowhere near as good as the new iBooks and all the Powerbooks from the Wallstreet on.

Much depends on whether you want to use X on it - think about how long you would want to keep it etc.

2003 / Downloaded 10.2.2 from Apple
« on: February 05, 2003, 11:25:00 PM »
Welcome to TS, hypernomore.

What OS version did you start with? The 10.2.2 update won't install unless you already have some flavor of Jaguar (10.2.x). It won't, for instance install over 10.1.5.

2003 / CRT vs. Flat Panel
« on: February 05, 2003, 11:57:00 PM »
Much as I love my TiBook, if I have to do a lot of reading, I much prefer my 22" LaCie Electron Blue CRT. Gorgeous CRT monitor - it won't be going anywhere anytime soon - any upgrades on the CPU side will be towers. LCD's still have a fair ways to go, IMHO.

Keep the Samsung, get a tower. Much more flexible, a breeze to add things to - which can't be said of an iMac or a Powerbook.  

Who knows what will come down the pike in the next year or two - and you might want to add a PCI card or two.

2003 / No Printer in Print Center
« on: February 03, 2003, 11:52:00 PM »
I'm not sure what role the TalkBox might play in all this, but I do know that as a friend of mine says, occasionally, routers "lose their minds" and require the shutdown, 30 second wait and restart. Not sure if you really need to restart everything else - you might start with the router next time. Mine, for no particular reason decided to ignore my Powerbook about a month ago. I'd had a power outage too - and was very worried that my Airport card AND my ethernet had been fried. Nope - the router had simply "lost its mind" - gotten stuck on some setting or other that didn't include my Powerbook. (everything else worked, which was why I didn't suspect the router at first).

Glad to hear that you got it all working again!

I finally managed to get my Powerbook (running Jaguar) to connect to both my printers through the HP print server - after reading this I decided to have another go at it. At first, I tried everything and couldn't connect to my LaserJet 2100. Then, out of the blue, the Laserjet appeared on the list of options when I held down the option key and clicked on "advanced". This was after about 10 tries - doing the same thing. Where the heck was it before that? Asleep? Beats me. The DeskJet I was able to add via LPR/LPD using the CUPS driver - it worked first time out.  

Meanwhile, I think I'll keep the Sawtooth connected via USB to the Deskjet - I want the option of using the HP driver, which so far, I haven't been able to figure out how to get to work on the Powerbook. Project for another day!

2003 / Spam and Popup windows
« on: February 01, 2003, 07:50:00 PM »
Tonye, the reason your spam bounces back to you is that usually spammers "spoof" the return addresses - that's one of the reasons that Spamcop exists - if we could just look at the headers and say "aha" and report the spammers, it would be much easier! But, generally, you can't. Run your spam through and report it - that's a start in getting these abnoxious twits shut down.

However, I have found the most effective way of eliminating spam is not to get it in the first place:

1. Change your email address. A bit of a pain, but worth the effort. Once you've done that, follow the rest of "Paddy's Rules":

2. NEVER, ever, ever leave one of those checkboxes checked that allows vendors to add you to their "affiliates" lists for "notification of special offers that might interest you". Doesn't matter who it is - don't do it. And unless the vendor states explicitely that they never sell their lists or provide information to other vendors, don't sign up for their "notifications" either. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the airlines, all appear to be ok - but always read the privacy statements.

3. Never, ever respond to a spammer's "if you want to be removed from this list, email us" - it's almost always a surefire way to just get on yet more lists - "hey - here's a live one!".

4. Read the fine print - some so-called "free" services, including free web hosting can dump you onto "affiliates" marketing lists. These may be big name legitimate companies - like Dull, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.

5. Never put your primary email online. Anywhere. If you have a website, do not use or enable "" as the email address. For a contact email address, always hide it from email spiders - there are several methods - the easiest of which is to use "and sign, number sign, 64" instead of the "@" in the html code. (remove the commas and put in the proper symbols - I can't type it here or it will turn into an "@"!) There are also several other methods and one little freeware program called Spamstopper X which generates code to essentially accomplish the same thing.

6. And although this didn't produce spam, it produced something just as annoying - telemarketers! NEVER sign up for any of the services where "we'll have the three firms you'v chosen contact you with a free, no-obligation whatever" - I made this mistake when refinancing our house recently. I signed up at for 3 companies to provide me with quotes. Big mistake. Within 10 days I was getting call after call from OTHER companies offering to refinance my house. Sometimes 3 or 4 a day! I contacted MonsterMoving via email and told them in no uncertain terms that I was appalled that this had happened and to remove me at once from any and all lists. They did - and the calls have now stopped.

7. If you have friend(s) with the bad habit of sending on hoax emails, complete with millions of forwards and all the associated email addresses, remind them nicely that they shouldn't do this - nobody knows where these emails might land and his/her friends wouldn't be pleased to find themselves added to some spammers list. Also point them in the direction of I still can't believe how many of my seemingly otherwise intelligent friends have been so eager to tell me that Bill Gates is giving away his fortune.  

8. If you must sign up for something that exposes your email address to the unknown (the internet, or simply unknown others, as in an mail list) use an easily discarded web-based email addy from somewhere like Yahoo. Not only can you dump it if it becomes problematic, you also don't have to cope with any spam landing in your primary email program, since you have to use a browser to retrieve your mail.

9. Don't use hotmail or aol. Two of the most spam-ridden ISP's out there.

There may be some other things I've forgotten to mention, so if anyone has anything to away.

2003 / More questions for Entourage users...
« on: February 03, 2003, 12:10:00 PM »
KBear - back up your Microsoft User Data folder and then try it. As far as I can see from the Entourage Help menu, there should be no problem with this. Categories are independent of groups - you can email an entire group, but you can't do that with a category. You could have lots of people who are in your family category, but only a few of those could be in your "Send the latest pics of the pet turtle" group - alphabetized as you choose.

One caveat, though it hasn't got anything to do with this discussion directly - I ran that AppleScript I mentioned earlier to re-sort my one large mailing list and things started to behave very strangely. I couldn't get out of the script - it kept wanting to sort another list. Finally force quit Entourage and then restarted - upon which I found that my signatures file and then my "mailing list" file were supposedly corrupt. Tossed things out - none of them things I normally used and all was back to normal. My group wasn't sorted though. Hmmm...could just be symptoms of overload in Entourage - I have thousands of messages awaiting my sorting/deleting. Gotta get that 120GB drive installed and things updated/tidied up!!!! I need a clone - of ME!

2003 / More questions for Entourage users...
« on: February 03, 2003, 08:30:00 AM »
Ah KBear, you've hit on one of my Entourage pet peeves - in reverse. I'm happy that it sorts my address book by last name, but annoyed that I can't sort my groups by last name - in groups, it sorts by FIRST name! (There is an Applescript to fix this - )

So - put your entire address book into a group - then sort away!

2003 / PC TurboTax users beware
« on: January 27, 2003, 11:42:00 PM »
This year the IRS has partnered with a bunch of software/tax prep firms to provide FREE online tax preparation. All you pay for is the filing ($7.95 with, for federal or state) - less than you would pay for most of the software. Definitely worth looking into.

I've used TurboTax (MacInTax) for years, and it's always irked me that the Mac version is ALWAYS more expensive than the Windoze version. Even considered getting the Windoze version this year, since I now have a PC in the stable...until I found out about the restrictive licensing.

$16 for online filing sounds pretty good against either $40 for TaxCut or $50 for TurboTax. I'm willing to pay for the convenience and speed of online a point. After which, pencil and calculator start looking a lot more attractive again!

I know at least one TS member used an online service last year and seemed happy with it. Anyone else?

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