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2004 / News reader possible?
« on: February 03, 2004, 11:31:56 AM »
Is it possible to connect to a newsreader using MAIL as one's email application? I called roadrunner's helpline and they referred me to Apple (I referred myself to TS). I'm running Panther and have Safari 1.1 as my main browser with OmniWeb (4.5) and Explorer (5.2.3) for those very few occasions when a page won't load for me. RoadRunner has a news server but it will not connect to POP, .Mac, or Exchange which seem to be the only account options. Thanks for your help/æ

2003 / mail app question
« on: September 26, 2003, 06:54:26 AM »
The good: a previously typed address is re-typed when a few letters are placed into the address box.

The bad: how do you get rid of the address when it becomes obsolete?


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