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Why doesn't a search work on email

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All of a sudden, I can't search for anything in my emails.  WHen I type in what I ned to find in the search box. nothing happens.  I have checked all  the "help" files, and can't find any information.  Can anyone help with this?  Thanks, Leslie

What version of OS X are you running? And I assume you're using Mac Mail?


Using 10.5 on new iMac.  From what I have read, updating to 10.5.1 has not eliminated the problem for other people who have discovered this is happening.  Seems to be pretty widespread, which should make me feel somewhat less isolated - but this is very frustrating!

hey dakota, I'd like to help you but you seem to think that we can see what your doing and we can't, or at least I can't.
What email program do you use, are you trying to use finder and not the search engine in your email program?

Your leaving critical data out of your inquiries so I can't possibly be of any help to you, and I suspect that others are experiencing the same lack of specificity.

You will only get out what you put in, so give us a lot of information and the solution will come much faster, if there is a solution at all.

Using Mail under Leopard 10.5 on iMac. Trying to use the search window in the mail window.  Apple has been of no help.  Went through the terminal "fix", removed the envelope index from the mail folder, and forced an indexing by Spotlight by dragging the HD to the privacy window .  Still no success.  Search will work with "To" and "From", but not with mailbox or whole message.  I have read that this seems to be widespread, but no one has been able to post a fix.


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