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Safari 3.2 available through the usual means..

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Have DLd and installed... am posting using it now.... no problems as yet?!?!?

Bob K. rnkiii

Thanks for tasting it for us!

SU will notify me tomorrow...

Installed Safari 3.2, and it seems to be working fine for me.

Bob, how will we know if you have problems?! You may not be able to access the forums!
QUOTEseems to be working fine for meOne of those "Famous Last Lines" we hear too often.

Actually. I'v probably heard of few complaints with this update than most of the others. Still...

Still chugging along w/o problems!!

Although now that he's "fully up to date" OS-wise.... RHP is pushing me to move on up to Leopard on both our machines....  SWMBO says that will not occur yet... "Yes, Dear."

Bob K.   rnkiii


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