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Backing up your Mac

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Lots of posts at TS are questions about backing up and this page is a decent starting point for information on the subject.

Nice link, I need to be 'reminded'  Ive lots of great pictures and stuff.

 Well, I should have read this post before today.  

Yesterday, my hard disk died, well, almost died!  I have two external hard drives, but did not set one up as a back-up boot disk. Should have had Carbon Copy Cloner - it was on my to-do list, but  I never followed through on this.    

I spent all day yesterday at the apple store and they discovered that my old hard disc was really near death, already in hospice care! The "genius" installed a new hard disk, and today I am in the process of trying to save anything I can from this old disk before it dies completely.  For example, I tried to download all my photos - it took from 6Am to 1:30PM to download these.  I am in the process of importing them into iPhoto now. Fortunately, I was able to save all of my music - I have a bunch of it - and had saved it on one of my external disks.

When this is done, I will disconnect the old disk, reinstall all of my applications and upgrades - should be at this for quite a while, all because I didn't prepare for the inevitable.  


I learned something about SuperDuper! the other day that I should have known but did not: scheduled backups don't happen when the Mac is in sleep mode. That fact is in the SD! user guide, albeit modestly emphasized, if at all... And there is no automatic notification that a scheduled backup was unsuccessful.

In this case the failed backup was a good thing, because I fully expected data that I inadvertently erased using ShredItX to be missing from the copy too; it would be missing if the previous night's backup had occurred. But the data was still on the copy and I just had to drag it back to the iMac.   (Twice I have somehow selected everything on my Desktop and then securely erased it; I still haven't figured out how I did it. Fortunately, the stuff that I leave in folder on my desktop is usually b.s. like URLs for articles, downloads, etc. so it is usually replaceable or not worth worrying about...)

Mayo, is the 'sleep mode' you refer to in your post different from 'a nap' or what ever it is that my 20" iMac G5, does when I leave it 'unused' over night???   Because I've never had SD! miss a backup for any reason other than an 'unavailable' HDD when I inadvertently turned the power to the external off over night!!

Just wondering...

Bob K.  rnkiii


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