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Since we no longer have time to actually read documents...


here is the audio version:
The Reading Of The Declaration Of IndependenceShould be required reading at every swearing in ceremony for any elected U.S. office, in my humble opinion.

Sorry to have offended you or anyone else's political feelings. I assure all readers that I had no intention of causing any offense. I consider it to be one of the finest documents ever created by humans. Of course, being created by humans, it is not perfect. I am glad had the opportunity to defend it. But it is also temporary! :Thinking:

I picked this reading because I know these people from their past reporting and I respect and trust them deliver verified facts. They are also careful in their enunciation and use of emphasis in speaking. NPR is the only news source I know of that consistently tries to get a response from a spokesman on all sides of any story. They are not often the first to publish, but they rarely need to make corrections.

Not sure how the reading the actual text of this sacred document can be "political". On the other hand, it may not be heard by relatives of King George III with quite the same respect. :toothgrin: I think the British sometimes say of this "Treason Day". :coolio: That is exactly what the signers faced by publishing this document. It is said that John Hancock signed with such a large signature so King George could see it without his glasses. :rofl:

Anyone can post a link to any other "non-political" reading of this document. The one Kim provided adds a British accent which may sound nearer to how the signers voices. A nice touch.

Please also remember that anyone offended by any post at TS can report the post to the Admins.

Just to say I've never heard anyone over here call it "Treason Day", but if it was said, would most likely be tongue-in-cheek and with a grin.

We got over it a long time ago  :)

Never heard it,either. And, of course, it’s a joke! But had to laugh when the Houston Air Traffic Controller welcomed a Speedbird flight with “Happy Treason Day” last Monday. The pilots saw the humor (humor?) right away and also laughed! Humor is rare on aviation radio! :yes:

By the way “Speedbird” is the call sign for British Airways.


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