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What Was That?!!


Meteorite crashes through a home in Canada :eek: :ohmy: I think it has something to do with the Left Coast Effect!! :yes: The Rockies were meant to be a barrier! Don't cross them!! :laughhard:

A friend of mine lives in Kiowa County, Kansas. Meteorite hunters often visit his farm. The Pratt Tribune (newspaper) carried this headline on March 30, 2021: "A 320-pound rock found in rural Kansas in 2006 came from outer space. It just sold for $156,250."

Yep! Those things are one of the few things that cost more than the minuscule grams of ink in those OEM carts! :laughhard: Hopefully, she can find a good intergalactic lawyer and sue the owners of that rock!! :Thinking: :thumbup:

My friend collects mining royalties from people who find meteorite fragments on his farm.

How cool is that! I would love to see some meteorite rock.


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