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Macromedia Contribute 2
« on: December 28, 2003, 04:47:24 PM »
have had so many problems with Contribute 2 since I purchased it on November on 16 November 03 Order No 70185954. First off although it was recommended by Dot Mac - I realize that Dot Mac itself is unreliable with other products.

I spent 79 bucks plus sales tax - bringing the item up to 100 bucks!!!!

It wasn't cheap!

However I found out that it would not work on Panther - and I was really upset. When you buy something on a credit card - you rarely get a refund, and in the US I realize that Corporate companies can dump you.

Finally Today I bought another mac which was running 10.2.8 and networked between my two computers. I started Contribute 2 again and was asked for the product activation code. I put it in - and although it ticked it - it would not run. I was asked to place a call to the United States from home in London, UK - a rather lengthy call - only to be told finally at the end - that the activation end was not working.

Macromedia boast of a 24 hour activation service.

What a terrible service!!!!!

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Macromedia Contribute 2
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