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My iBook went red, green, blue, grey, black and then off


Well, as the topic suggests, my iBook's screen, while using iDVD for the BIG PROJECT, went blue, red, green, grey, black and then off.

Has this happened to anyone else.  I looked it up on the iBook G4 discussion page on Apple site and saw the words "logic board" so now I am very worried.  The iBook is not a year old (present from Mr Jobs) and this will be the second logic board in my life.

I back up every evening now and am very worried.

I have reset PMU and PRAM and done Onyx, TechTools, repaired permissions, Apple Hardware test - all showed nothing.

I tried looking on Console but it had cleared everything before and I couldn't see any clues.


PS Love the new look - very snazzy!

PPS In everyone's absence I even had to join MacUser and return to MacFormat to find answers - nothing.

Frances, so sorry to hear that you're having more problems with your new iBook.

With no image, I'd be reduced to taking it in for service. I know that's not an easy option for you. I'd be surprised if someone can "talk you through" a fix for it.

I hope you can get another replacement. Best of luck!!

Sounds like problems with the video card, Frances. You said "My iBook went red, green, blue, grey, black and then off"... That's RGB...  


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