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I own an Olympus 2040z.  A couple of weeks ago my 8 year old son accidently deleted pictures from the memory card.  Is it possible to retrieve them using TTPro or possible Disk Utility?  I am assuming chances are slim but thought I would ask.


Never had the misfortune to need or use these, but there seem to be quite a few:

I stopped at page 3 of my Google search....

If it makes any difference, I've read good revues on Photorescue (1st link).

Whatever you do, stop using the card immediately - any further photos taken on the card will overwrite the erased data, and then you cannot recover anything. I had good results using one of the PC-only (at the time) utilities - only needed to rescue a few, so was able to use the trial version. Definitely worth a shot!

Sorry I haven't responded sooner.  I have been away.

kps, I downloaded the demo version of data rescue.  The good news is that it recovered my pictures!!!  The bad news is it is going to cost me 30 dollars.  

Thanks, I didn't know programs like these existed.


I have to say that when I inadvertantly erased my hard drive of all photos I have ever taken, Data Rescue was the best $30 I ever spent!

Got back the lot, in a variety of resolutions, but got 'em back, none the less.



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