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OT - What are you listening to at the moment?

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I just cued up the last three Christmas editions of "Coverville" which is a podcast that plays collections of music covered by people other than the original artists.  You can download the shows at:

The host, Brian Ibbott, is starting his yearend Countdown shows which are highly listener driven.  Nice stuff.

Back to my all time favourite album now,  London Calling

Had it on vinyl
Had it on CD
Got the 25th Anniversary Edition

I know I'm a sad person but I can live with that

Nothing sad about that choice, Sandyman! (one of my all-time faves too!)

Handel's Messiah - Trevor Pinnock & the English Concert

Now I've moved on to a Christmas selection I did for my family members last year - everything from King's College Choir to Jose Feliciano to the Beach Boys.


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