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iSight Security Hole plugged

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QUOTE("tacit")...the little green light next to the iSight will always be on if the iSight is on; if that light is off, the iSight is not even getting power...Sure! That's easy for you to say/write! But how do the rest of us know that the little green light is not the real camera?! So covering up what looks like the lens won't help, anyway! It's all a conspiracy! They are out to spy on us! And now Apple is helping them! What next! Apple will force us to put all our applications in a single directory?

QUOTEElisabeth Schwarzkopf?

What about her?

QUOTE(gunug @ Dec 21 2006, 08:56 PM) What about her?

Good question. I think...

Had me there for a second, gunug! I thought I had posted in the wrong thread! Gregg, I think he meant to post in <this thread> to HighMac.

Must be that darn tabbed browser...


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