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ImageWell 3 released, Xtra Functions

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Thanks for everybody's interests.
I will contact krissel, kimmer and beacher regarding the registration key.

If you still want to add the Xtra features to ImageWell 3, you are welcome to use "MacCenter701" coupon(*), which saves you $5 (until year's end).

(*)Please note: I receive financial gain from the coupon code being used. In my opinion, "Xtra" is not compulsory to have.

If anyone who used the coupon and it did not work, please contact me with your name and email address. I will ask the developer to credit you back $5.

(The coupon code was not working for a period of time.)

Thanks Antony, mucho!  

Oops! I downloaded ImageWell last week but thought your 'code' was all I needed. Is there some other 'code' required? Still haven't even expanded the dmg! Gotta go bake some cookies right now! Grand kids will be here later today!

Thanks bunches, Antony!!!!!


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