Author Topic: Is there a work around to install Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac in Catalina  (Read 585 times)

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I have just put Catalina on a MacBook Pro 2012 and it will not allow me to install Microsoft Office 2004 for Macs. Is there anyway around this block?

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Welcome to TS, Gordon  :)

I don't have the knowledge to even try to answer your question, but I'm sure one of our experts will be along to help. TS is based in the US, so it's still early in the day for some of them :whistling:

Hope you get some info soon.
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Sadly, there is no way to do this. MS Office 2004 is a 32-bit application and Catalina cannot run it. Only 64-bit applications will work. You can always bite the bullet and pay for a subscription to Office 365 (I do, and the annual fee is not bad if I calculate the monthly cost), but you might be interested in reading Microsoft teases Office for Mac update coming, without subscription. Individual apps in Office 365 are available via App Store if you don't need the whole suite.

That said, I extend a BIG WELCOME to TS.  :thumbup:  :clap:

As an afterthought, it's possible that Office 2004 is a Power PC app only and won't work with Intel processors. It's been so long since I had a PPC Mac that I forgot about that issue!

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Another big Welcome AboaRd, Gordon!
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I wouldn't hold my breath on a new perpetual license version of Office...who knows when it will appear and you can only install each copy on ONE Mac, which for any of us with more than one - or 3 or 4 - in the household makes no economic sense whatsoever. Plus you don't get OneDrive with the perpetual license, and with 1TB PER PERSON (up to 5 people) that's a pretty good deal. I pay almost twice that just for a year's worth of 2TB of storage at Dropbox (need it for work with clients etc.). So I've reluctantly acceded to the subscription model for office software. :p And, I suspect I'll finally cave on Lightroom/Photoshop too - right now I'm using my son's subscription, but try as I might, I can't find the energy or the time to move over 100,000 photos to Capture One.
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