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Is there a way to play old VHS tapes into a Mac

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We have a lot of old VHS tapes, movies, classes, concerts,,,,,that we would like to be able to play on our new large screen Macs. Not the TV.
Is this possible?

Hi Jane,

Take a look at This.

Good information here.



Thank you!  I think I remember seeing that article, but I gave all my older magazines away last week.
The link is great.
But our VHS machine doesnt work any more.  Oh, maybe it does!  The kids got it running.
Quite a complex process though, I will have to read it thru in detail.

Wow - reading through your article, Chris, and came across this:
QUOTEA 200GB external FireWire hard drive costs less than $300 and will give you enough room for hours of video.
In just five years prices have dropped so far, I bought a 1TB drive for around 100GBP ($160). So five times the space for little more than half the price

Roxio has a VHS to DVD converter but it seems to be PC only

Was quite interesting that I called the company which my husband ordered the VHS courses on, its,
And since he had several of the math and science ones, they gave us a discount on the DVD versions of the same courses!
I sure was thrilled!  So they will be here by the end of the week. The Geology ones are super!  Especially when he has rafted down the Colorado thru the Grand Canyon, thats a Geology class in itself.

Now for all our old home movies,,,,,,there is the option of playing them at my brother's house.


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