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1Password updated to 3.0


<1Password 3>

I got an email from them too with a free gift - 1Password for iPhone/Touch (normally $7.99). If any 1Password users here didn't get the email and wants the app for iPhone/Touch, send me your email via PM and I'll forward it to you. Agile clearly are happy for people to do this - there's a "forward email" link on the email they sent out!

Have downloaded the update - now I really need to go in and clean out some of the obsolete passwords.

I'm a bit confused, version 3 will or won't run in 10.4?

It won't run on 10.4 - use 1Password 2.

What is "10.4"?! Didn't that go away with 10.5?! Which 'went away' with 10.6? Which will be replaced by 10.7, which is already in development! At least they still have a version that runs on "legacy" OSs...


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