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TS 2008 Calendar awaits


If you want a nice reminder of TS to hang on your wall or to keep notes on a daily basis, hop on over to CafePress to order the new TS calendar for 2008. It's a very high quality product with heavyweight smooth surface stock which takes to pen and holds up well.

This year I've added tips on Mac troubleshooting on several of the monthly pages. You'll find steps on how to Eject ornery CDs, use Firewire Target mode, resetting NVRAM, logic board, starting up in Safe mode as well as basic and advanced troubleshooting tips.
All in addition to three clever banners made by TS members for each month that will bring a smile to your face.

Go take a look.

Other TS logo products:

And to answer the inevitable question: no, we don't make a nickel from the calendar or any other product. They are sold at cost. Why?
Because we like you.  

And, Kris, I hope everyone remembers/appreciates the creative force behind this calendar – and all "our" other TeeEss CafePress inventory.

Editorial Note: There is, simply, no limit to the contributions Kris has made (is making) to the welfare of TechSurvivors for each of us to enjoy.  When Krissel says "high quality" our thanks, in abundance, should also go to the "input" as well as the CafePress output which will come to your door

I'll take two of the OS9 version.

Just a reminder that it isn't too late to get a TS calendar.

I was pleased with how well the printing of the Mac help info came out as well as the banners themselves. I'll be keeping my copy of the calendar right by my Mac for reference should I (gasp) have a problem.


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