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Why doesn't a search work on email

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I went to the Apple store with the mail problem as well as one with idvd.  I could not do any searchs with mail although spotlight was working perfectly. They did a repeat archive and install with a different disc than the one I had used and now all searchs  are working normally with mail.  Before spotlight was reconsitiuted after the archive and install, I could search just to and from.  But once it was reconstituted all search functions have returned.

That reminds me of an article I read shortly after Leopard was released to the effect that some install disks were defective. Could be your OS was installed using one of them.

But try creating a new account, send yourself some emails and see if you can search in that account.

If that doesn't work either, you might try doing an Archive and INstall. Last would be using another disk.


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