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Disk Space after backup


Dick Miller:
Today I backed up my internal HD using Disk Utility. When I started I had 152 GB free. I now have 214 GB Free. I checked the folders using Time Machine and I have the same number of items just 62 GB more free space. Anyone have any idea where the extra 62 GB came from ?

TIA Dick  

Santa came early???

Bob K.   rnkiii

My hunch is that your files were badly fragmented as was th efree space on your hard drive.
Somehow after the backup you were, at least partially, defragged and/or optimized.
I cannot think of any other reason for this, unless Finder was NOT properly reading your free space.

Dick Miller:
Thanks Flash

Yeah, I think FLASH has it nailed. Another thing I noticed about my Retrospect backups to removable disks... even though I knew I was not filling the disk's capacity, there was no more room on the disk when the backup finished. I'm told the reason for this is expressly to prevent you from putting anything else on there. That's probably a good thing.


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