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Why are e-mails to me with attachments bouncing?


Whenever my manager at work sends me an e-mail with an attachment, it bounces.

But when she sends an e-mail without an attachment it comes through okay.

Does anyone know why this could be happening?

Any feedback will be highly appreciated.


Email is normally filtered for viruses, you or your network set the filters to the degree of security you desire.
Somewhere in your preference a filter is set to block attachments in general....or the file has a virus and the virus protection software has detected it. The error message should give you a reason why the email was rejected, read it carefully or post the message for further examination.

Thank you very much. I wil try to see whether I can get the error message.

I intentionally did not include a bounce for ***SPAM*** purposes because you nor your network would not likely set a filter to block someone on your own network.

In general email traffic a ***SPAM*** filter is the most likely reason to bounce attachments, in my experience.

Does your ISP have a size limitation for attachments?


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