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Safari (PC Malware?) attack - anyone else experienced this?

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Yes, we figured all that out about 10 months ago. And yes, as I already stated, there is malware that can affect Macs - trojans such as the DNSChanger trojan - but they all require some action(installation) by the user in order to wreak their havoc.

Jim revived this thread with the "news" of Apple's suggestion to install AV software.

Oh, sure! Blame me! Maybe I should change my screen name to "malcontent!"

Judy got one of these 'poisoned banner ads' from a Google search last week. The scary part is that the actual "Quit" menu item was disabled. I first told her to simply close/quit Safari and open it again. While it appeared to quit, I'm not sure it actually did. At any rate, she went back to the same Google results page and got the 'virus scan needed' page. No mater which button one choses, the 'scan' will be initiated. She had turned Airport Off so I doubt any info was sent and the only IP address would probably be the Airport router if not the cable modem. But it was quite frustrating to see how much Safari had been crippled by this thing!


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