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Howsome ever, bold or italicized text does allow for a little more 'nuancing' than _certian_ other *basic* ASCII characters. OTOH, I agree with you that most graphics are un-needed. Especially the simple flowery backgrounds that just make it harder to see, much read, the text!! :-/

QUOTE(RHPConsult @ Nov 26 2008, 03:12 PM) Is it fair to say that html gives one (the writer) more tools with which to add "nuance" (and we ALL know how important that is) to the thoughts expressed in text (for the reader), as opposed to iChatting/iSighting, in hopes of reducing misunderstanding, enhancing meaning, embellishing the context, jazzing-up the message . . . all that great stuff.

Well beyond even the most elegant smilies . . . or even the greatest similes.

Just asking.

True. The problem with HTML email downloading is that it contains images which are not usually sent with the text. Instead, As I understand it, the image is sent when the message is actually displayed as HTML. At that point, your email programs HTML interpreter 'sees' the HTML tag calling for an image. That results in a request being sent to where ever that image is stored and it is sent back for display. Now, as tacit has graciuosly pointed out, that image could be nothing more than a 1 pixel by 1 pixel, transparent gif. The sole purpose of the image is to get a response from your computer that will tell the SPAMmer that yuors is a valid address that might be worth trying to compremise. Especially since it appears that you will open almost any message!

Sometimes the graphic is simply a nusance, sometimes it may be a carrier of malware, so far, only for Windows types. But why tempt fate and advertise your address?! Just to see a Flash movie? I don't think so...

On the positive side, newer email programs will allow the user to see all the 'styling' of HTML but allow the image tag to perform it's 'magic!'

I really wish I understood all of this colloquium. You lost me back at about "plain text" and Incredimail, er sumthin'

I only know that I enjoy putting some l-i-f-e into written words beyond fonts-on-a-monitor, much as "real" smile, a raised brow, or a frown embellishes oral speech with meaning, well beyond grunts, growls and whines.

I know I enjoy pilfering smilies for use in my e-mails, and I find the "stationery" in Leopard's Mail delightful. How neat to be able to dispatch-a-sticky – a yellow one, to boot – for a very brief, attention-grabbing reminder to a friend. Or to be surprised by a pastel "thank you" when you least expect one.

I gave up being thrilled by block letters (in crayon) on lined paper when my youngest grandchild wrote proudly in cursive

NOT a nuisance, IMNSHO

Editorial query: Why have I been getting 2 notices of additions to this thread, each with identical time stamps?

RHP, if you like it and your recipients like it ... then it's all good.

By the way, I still enjoy playing with crayons.


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