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Backing up your Mac

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It's free and it works great

QUOTEMayo, is the 'sleep mode' you refer to in your post different from 'a nap' or what ever it is that my 20" iMac G5, does when I leave it 'unused' over night???

"Sleep" refers to when the Mac's drive "spins down" and the display turns off.  The Mac is in low-power mode but it isn't turned off, which is what I presume your Mac is doing if you haven't shut if off before going to bed...

Here is what it says in the SD! user guide:

"If your Macintosh is asleep when the time comes to run the backup,
SuperDuper!’s scheduling won’t wake it up, so the backup won’t run.
The way to handle this is to use the Energy Saver Preference Pane in
System Preferences to schedule a wake (or “start up”) event for a
minute before the backup is scheduled to run."

In the Energy Saver Preference Pane I see options to start-up and shut-down, but nothing that would let me schedule additional "wake from sleep" events... I already use the start-up option every day at 5:55am.

Not sure what version of the OS you're using, but the Energy Saver Preference Panel on our two Machines have a "Start up or wake up" choice in the "Schedule" section.

10.5.5 has the same options... the problem is that you can only schedule one "start up or wake up." I already automatically start it up in the early AM; the iMac then sleeps during the day when I'm not using it.  There may be a third-party utility that offers more scheduling options.

Intel iMac OS 10.5.5
Boy am I glad that I have been using Time Machine as I said in another thread I inadvertently deleted my Windows partition and was obliged to re-install Leopard then use Boot Camp to re-install the Windows partition and now all is well. On completion of Leopard installation the option given is do you want to transfer from Time Machine? when that finished I found that the only loss was all my e-mail received and sent were deleted but not e-mail addresses.
Time Machine turned out to be a Dream Machine.


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