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Mobile Me . . . sorry folks!

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Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

Error message when attempting to synch a second Mac (MB Pro) via Mobile Me . . . for the first time.

Found a "reset", but have no idea what it did. In any event it didn't work.

All advice welcome . . .[attachment=1107:Calendar...stencies.jpg]

Sorry, I don't have an answer, RHP; but for those that saw this thread earlier ... the board must have burped, and there were 4 of these threads. I deleted the 3 extras. Thought y'all would like to know your brain wasn't fried.

Bbbb-blame it on MobileMeMeMeMe

I think your problem is having too many trips to Paradise in one year! That dialog never comes up on my Mac!

I don't use MobileMe, but found this:

And other frustrated people:

One person on an Australian forum reported success using the suggestions in an older Apple KB article about .Mac:


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