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Mobile Me . . . sorry folks!

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It's 11p on Sunday night and I'm going on a week-on-the-road in the morning. Too apprehensive to try this . . .A kindof erase and restore, I surmise

So I'm going to watch to see what happens this week on the MobileMe Forum where some similarly distressed "customers" are all standing around waiting for insights . . . or something.

Paddy! you are a wonder. I am in awe      

Thanks you so much.

An update:

The link that Paddy so helpfully provided (above) is accumulating posters, w/o either a moderator and an Apple "expert" showing up w/some cogent advice. . . . devoutly to be wished . . .

My MB Pro calendar that disappeared over the weekend, to initiate my "interest" in the topic, reappeared yesterday afternoon, and was gone again this morning . . . untouched by human hands, as near as I can tell.

ABD: It musta wanted to visit Hawaii!  

Some closure, if that's helpful to anyone else.

After returning home from my Sandwich Isles trip, I scheduled a 1-to-1 session at my local Apple Store on Saturday. I told my favorite genius of my apprehension in following the cited instructions (on the Apple Forum) without the opportunity to ask questions . . . en route, so to speak.

In the end, it was a piece-o-cake (after all it's a Mac!).

After unregistering/deauthorizing my MB-Pro, on my iMac (where my complete calendar resides) I proceeded to MobileMe––>Sync––>Advanced (checking the accuracy of all data shown)––>Reset Sync Data (being careful that the flow is from the iMac to the Cloud) the job was done without a hitch.

I was also warned that I should select "Automatically" for my future syncing schedule, rather than Manually as I had previously, since with 2 Macs in harness "automatically" is the better option.

Hope this might be helpful to anyone experiencing the "inconsistencies".

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