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Ethernet and "Hard to reach places"


Anybody know what I need to do to run ethernet over about 450 ft?

Scouring the web tells me that ethernet's range is about 100m, or 328 ft. My network might fall within that range if I didn't have tall ceilings to snake across.

What I'm wondering is if your average ethernet hub/router/switch would act as a repeater to kind of bridge the gap at the halfway point and amplify the signal. This isn't ideal, since it means I need a 120V outlet up on the shop ceiling, but if it beats performance over an extended wireless network in a shop with all kinds of welding and power interference, I'd do it no questions asked.

Any help and/or other ideas are appreciated!


You can extend the range with active hubs or repeaters.

FWIW, shouseee . . .

I once had a Netgear Hub/Router, which required wireless (powerline) access points to cover the house hemi-adequately (hi-tech furnace, microwave, the works). WGX 102

I've still got at least one lying around the garage (somewhere) which you can have if you think it might help. What solved the problem best for us was a new Apple Extreme Base Station (+ Apple Express, for the icing on the cake).

(Have Joe send me an e-mail, if you're interested)

Good links Paddy!  Now if only I could find some of this stuff on my own. You must have an easy button next to your keyboard...

RHP, muchas gracias to you also for the offer.   I couldn't say for sure, but I think that 54Mbps over powerlines would be a long shot given the scenario. Actually, right now I have a Time Capsule wireless network extended by an Airport Express, which works great for casual internet, but pretty lousy for saving/transferring even small CAD files. I imagine metal buildings take their toll on 802.11 signals. I'd love to get as much as possible of the 100Mbps that wired ethernet affords, and possibly switch my other routers/hubs to Gigabit ones someday. Obviously I'm learning as I go...Isn't that the only way to go?!?  

For now I'll probably look into mounting a low-cost switch to bridge a couple lengths of CAT5e cable. Sounds like a great snowy day project!

QUOTEObviously I'm learning as I go...Isn't that the only way to go?Of course! And one more tip. Never, never read the manual!

BTW, I don't remember (not unusual, of course!), seeing your Official, Sanctioned and widely prized big Welcome Aboard, shouseee! BTW, "ATPTim" would have been great for a screen name! Some would have thought you were an Airline Transport Pilot! On second thought, that may have been a wise moniker to avoid! Anyway, Welcome to TS and hope your network grows and performs well, It think you always get faster and more reliable service from Ethernet than WiFi, for quite a few years...


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