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Is there a way to play old VHS tapes into a Mac

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There is a Mac version of the VHS to DVD converter - it just came out this fall:

That's tempting! My 14-year old collects Godzilla videos (!) and most of them are on VHS, so putting them on DVD would be great. (for him!) We also have a number of VHS tapes that WE used to like. May have to look into this...

Neil, I just bought a 1TB drive for $110 CDN. That's about £62. Or $105 USD. (WD Caviar Black) You do seem to get dinged by higher prices over there, don't you? And I thought Canada was bad. Was that with or without VAT? Of course, our taxes add a total of 13%.

Roxio, the answer!

That might just what would work for our home tapes, I wouldnt bother with the movies that the kids have, but I sure would love to get the movies of our old dog when she was a pup, and the pictures of our grandkids.

Jane - another possibility is the VHS to DVD recorder, like this one; I think most major manufacturers offer at least one. Over here Samsung and Panasonic also market them with built-in digital tuners. Might be worth a look since the conversion is done in the machine and you don't have to connect it to the Mac.

Paddy - We used to call this country "Rip-off Britain", with traders simply replacing the dollar symbol with the pound symbol (e.g. 100USD=100GBP), regardless of the exchange rate. With the rise of cross-border internet trading that is less common. I think Apple's prices were converted fairly reasonably when sterling was strong last year. By law, retail price tickets have to include VAT (15% until January when it goes back up to 17.5%).
Your WD HD (this one?) seems to be around 70GBP, including VAT.

The one I got was the external LaCie d2 Quadra, for which I paid 142GBP (before delivery and VAT - £175 total) back in March. The same dealer is now offering it for 120GBP (before delivery and VAT - about 145GBP inclusive). wants $155 including shipping but presumably there would be taxes to go on that.
If you care to compare.... similar pages on:
Apple Store US
Apple Store UK
Apple Store Ireland; I'm assuming prices will be the same throughout the euro region, and at least this one's in English
Exchange rates now: 1GBP = 1.68 USD = 1.13 euros.
Bet you wish now you'd never mentioned it....

Jane: Sorry about  the hijack.  

I have the Sony VHS-DVD recorder in Neil's link which I intended to use to put my folks' tapes on DVD. But honestly I haven't had time to do so. Therefore I can't tell you how good it is or isn't.

 I also have a Philips DVDR3575H/37 digital recorder that is used with my analog TV in my studio. It has a hard drive and DVD burner in it. I have hooked up my VCR to it and recorded the tapes, then burned them to DVD. Works just fine but you can't easily do any editing that way. You'd have to either stop recording by hand or then rip the DVD on the Mac, do the editing and then reburn the video. However that particular product is no longer available except as used or refurbished, though similar ones are.

Since we dont have very many, I probably would skip the editing, Ive never done that anyway.
The old tapes would be just fine to put the whole thing onto the DVD.
Im thinking back, we do have some wonderful stuff of family and pets from way back. Also have some really great travel tapes on the 8 whatevers that Sony had, they are a cassette about the size of an audio tape but a bit thicker.
We used to have a Sony 'weather proof' videocam which we took in the boats out on the Belize reefs, and one tape of driving thru the mountains and seaside in Costa Rica,,,,,I would LOVE to preserve those tapes onto DVD.
This is fun, I am so glad that you all have these links to what we need to buy, makes it easy.


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