Author Topic: How smoking can ruin your Mac  (Read 5051 times)

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How smoking can ruin your Mac
« Reply #15 on: November 28, 2009, 03:28:47 PM »
Whew, I feel better about that now, I was thinking that if that chart meant the inside of the house with a wood stove, that Richie, Lilly, and I would have our goose cooked far sooner than I expected.
But Im sure now that they mean what comes out of the chimney, and we do have that catalytic converter stove, which hardly ever smells, except if its windy out, it puffs back and stinks up the living room for a while.

Ive always hated cigarattes, our favourite neighbours died of smoking related lung and cancer problems. And I helped them clean their house many years ago, and that tar stuff was awful!  At first I couldnt believe it all came from cigarettes, but they said it did, their white walls were yellowish, and you could see the difference when we took the pictures off the walls to wash and paint. They painted their living room every 3 years, we paint ours every 15 years.