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I am now officially a "Millionare"!


We leave early on the 26th for a couple of weeks in SE Asia (Viet Nam and Cambodia). In an attempt to avoid expensive money changers, we asked our bank to provide us with some spending money. For ~$300 we got 5,600,000 Viet Nam dong!

However, they could not supply us with any Cambodian Riel. Those are going for 4,000 riel / dollar. But dollars are easily accepted even in rural shops, as long as the bills are not torn or damaged. Even a locally obtained Visa is valued in dollars!

Reminds me of our visit to East Berlin the year before the wall fell. Part of the entry process required the visitor to exchange at least US$25 for East German marks. Of course, there was no method of converting any unspent East marks back to dollars or West German marks! I can only assume the same "exchange rate" happened with most any other currency.

Enjoy your trip!  :thumbup: :thumbup: Take pictures! :) :)

Have a lovely time. Enjoy your millions.  Travel safely x

Shortest trip half-way around the earth I ever want to experience. We left Dec. 26, 2019 returned Jan. 1, 2020. My wife became ill even before landing in Hanoi. Severe stomach pains, strange and nauseating smells by end of day two. Pretty much bed-ridden in a beautiful hotel for the whole time in Cambodia. Neither of us want to see the inside of an airliner for several months.

Main cause for pains was taking too many Aleve's to fight muscle inflammation which resulted in several stomach ulcers. Learned that most of those pain "relievers" are really hard on the stomach!! Even if you follow the directions those things can still cause severe problems!

Sorry, very few pictures. Mostly of the grounds of a very nice hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Motor Cycles out number cars 6 to 1.

Bummer! Hope she is recovering satisfactorily. Be thankful it wasn't coronavirus. I've heard Google is reporting an uptick in Corona Beer searches, from people who fear it might make them sick.


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