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Anyone who has ever been frustrated with a web site should feel right at home with this "game"! If you thought that frustrating site was bad, wait until you see this one! Just remember, what you see and what you think will happen when you click or press return are not the same thing. Hint: Press "No" to accept my challenge!

NO              Yes

Jim - I can't even get ON to page 1, let alone page 2!

I don't know if I'm missing a joke, but absolutely nothing happens when pressing either No or Yes. Maybe it's the fault of a missing link?  :Thinking:

Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

See the attached image. They even CAPITALIZED the link! :wallbash: :p Be warned, however, it gets worse from here on!!! :coolio: But that's the whole point, some sites start out bad, only a few stay that way for long. Only a site that is required for some special purpose that we must use can stay bad forever. Unfortunately, some bad "design" choices can show up when we least expect them. It's what makes 'surfing' so much fun?! :scram:

Did it!  Though it took me 11 minutes 31 seconds to finish all pages to the end. Now that I know how, it would take less time.

You are among a very tiny group!! :notworthy: I sincerely apologize for causing you to lose so much of your time!! I suppose you missed the link announcing that a complete display of each and every page would have entered you in the Grand Prize drawing? :scram:


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