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I did get an offer of a job from the makers of the "puzzle".  As you can see by the hour of night, I was not at my best...heh, look what time it is now.
 :ohmy:   Off to ...
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     O   zzzzzzzzzzzzz

I would have responded earlier, but missus had a really nasty bout of flu and needed company... but she had to make do with me  :D  However, while still not 100 per cent, she does at least have her appetite back.

Did manage to get on to page 1 but a pop-up asked for my email (and password... !?!?!?!) so decided I could live without it and closed the tab. Hope your other contestants did better.

And, Kris, congratulations  :thumbup:

Edit to add: Had another go and it took me to another page. Some very clever people in Belgium, but its too far to commute, especially you Kris  :toothgrin:

Glad your missus is feeling better, Neil. Hope you don't fall ill. Do they push for flu vaccine over there like they do here?

That request for email and password is part of the puzzle. You don't have to use a real one.  :)

Not planning to commute to Belgium.  :no2:

She is still feeling a bit weak, so I persuade her to settle down on the couch and switch on some mindless show like Come Dine With Me  or Escape To the Country, which send her off to sleep very quickly (but don't tell her I told you that  :whistling:  )

--- Quote from: krissel on January 13, 2020, 03:01:36 AM ---Do they push for flu vaccine over there like they do here?  :no2:

--- End quote ---
They do every year; it's offered FoC by the NHS but they always qualify the invitation with a warning that the vaccine is chosen on the basis of a particular strain being this year's most likely. They have to calculate (guess?) which one it's going to be and it seems it was the wrong one this year. Our window cleaner told us "half the town" was down with flu over the Christmas break.

I reckon a lot of folk used it as an excuse NOT to have relatives round  :toothgrin:

Yeah, that's about the same here. Usually two or three strains are included with the hope that they pick the right ones. At least it's one thing we don't have to pay for.

I love "Escape to the Country". It started airing here a couple months ago on an off-channel and it is so delightful to see the old barns that have been converted. Still, I do tend to go for the more modern updates. There was one house I absolutely fell in love with that had an indoor pool in a separate space but easily accessed from the main house. The interior was very modern and just my style. Had lots of land and a nice view, too. Don't remember the price but it was definitely worth every penny/pound.  :yes:

Stay well!


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