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I've been out of the loop regarding photo editing for a few years now. I had Photoshop on my computers starting with Photoshop 3 through Photoshop CS. Then, through a series of events, I no could no longer keep up with the advancing technology. This year, I am planning to finally get a new Mac. I've been using a MacBook Pro long enough that another portable will likely be my choice.

So, my question is, which photo editing software is favored by Mac users? I won't be purchasing Photoshop again but if I go with Adobe, I would most likely get Elements as I'm most familiar with the tools in Adobe software.

If there is other software available to someone who enjoys photo restoration and manipulation, please share your ideas!

Thanks and Happy New Year to All!

I could never justify the cost of PS and, not being a professional, Elements more than handled all I needed. I also grabbed Aperture just before Apple abandoned it. I then bought Lightroom. I now use Elements and ON1. That gives me pixel by pixel access via PSE and zone or overall controls (and Layers) with ON1.

I think for those who don’t continue with Adobe CS subscriptions, most are using Lightroom or ON1. PSE still has a large following and massive user forums.

You will definitely enjoy your new hardware, no matter the software!! :yes:

I'm a semi retired graphic designer still using Photoshop CS6. Can't justifying buying a subscription. I've got a new 27" iMac that I haven't yet transferred all my files over and know I can't use CS6 on it. :-(
(I'll be coming here soon for advice!)
I think you should be good with Elements if you are not a professional working with media and printing companies.

Although I dislike the idea of paying extortion subscription to Adobe, I do like the way I can print photos using Photoshop. I subscribe only to Adobe's photo package and can well afford the $10.79 per month. I spend a lot more on cat food, so I don't mind this one.

Thank you all for your responses!

I'm happy to hear that Elements is still one of the favorites of Mac users. My desire to have photo editing software is only for personal use and enjoyment. I'm way past the days when I did graphics work for a living.

Lightroom is one that I will look at again. It was on my "check it out" list before I left the industry. ON1 is a new one to me. I'll take a closer look at what it offers. I don't anticipate having more than one application to do the things I want to do.

I bought Aperture too. For some reason, it's never been one of my favorite apps even though it has given me great results at times. I wonder if it will run on the newest computers?


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