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--- Quote ---request went on the forum on 23 Sept 2018 and the resulting change was uploaded on 26 September 2018
--- End quote ---
THREE DAZE?!!! So sad... :rofl:

I use some niche (Mac only) [is that redundant?!] software (WX recording/data logging) by a fellow who has a real "day job". Guess he likes to put food on the table for his family? :dntknw: But I am amazed at people when some forum member complains that his favorite idea is not added to the app and anyone mentions that it's by far the best Mac app and the software is not the Dev's primary occupation. Nor has he ever asked for payment after the first version several years ago! :coolio: Plus, the forum where the poster complains is paid for by the Dev, whether you buy the app or not! :wallbash:

Edited to remove an offer that was supposed to be limited to subscribers to a particular newsletter.

Thanks for posting this, Jim. I have Luminar 1 but have never used it. So, I took advantage of this offer and downloaded and installed Luminar 3.

Ive never used the app at all, but I thought of this thread when I read about “FREE”!  :thumbup: Seems like several other devs have done this when they make major improvements. Sounds like a good way to introduce your work to new customers!


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