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Apple's Lightning is out...

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Well, it will hardly kill Apple to do this. They already made the switch to a different connector when they went from the 30-pin connector to the lightning one, so this "it will make the accessories obsolete" complaint doesn't hold a lot of water - they already did that once and hey...didn't seem to hurt them any. And they never actually complied with the EU's directive re: micro USB anyway - other than providing adapters to EU customers. I applaud the move to *ONE* standard - and USB C makes a lot of sense, both for users AND Apple. So let's hope they actually make the switch, instead of providing yet more adapters. :wacko:

BTW - adapters with good reviews can be had for under $10 on Amazon - and anyone with a newer MBP who wants to sync an iPhone or use the MBP to charge the iPhone needs one now anyway.

I'd be quite happy if I could ditch all these different connection types and go all USB-C. I'm not buying any more external hard drives that don't have either USB-C or Thunderbolt. The speed difference is quite startling, as I learned with my new iMac and new MBP; the backup for one was on a USB-C drive, the other was on a regular USB 3.1 drive. I not only MADE the backup on the USB-C drive, I used Migration Assistant and got it all installed while the previously made USB 3.1 backup kept chugging away at about 1/10 to 1/20 of the speed on the other Mac (and it was nothing to do with the computer speed - they're very similar speed-wise). It was an interesting real-world test.

I'm not impressed with the EU making technology type decisions. I'm betting that by the time all manufacturers make this change there will be an even faster, better connection available. That is, assuming any company wants to invest in the research and development after being forced to comply with this ruling.
"The mother of invention is improvement in current stuff."
"The killer of improvements is regulating what must be used."
--- Quote ---I'm not buying any more [devices] that don't have either USB-C or Thunderbolt.
--- End quote ---
You mean Thunderbolt is still being used by anyone except Apple? Talk about orphaned technology...

Personally, I'm investing all my money in gas lighting. When this electricity fad is over, I'll make a killing!! :yahoo:

Well, I wouldn't count Thunderbolt 3 (or 4, due out this year) out quite yet. ;) Using the same connector as USB-C is a huge advantage - and Intel has continued work on developing it. They've made it royalty-free now as well, which should help. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolt_(interface) for more info.

As for the EU making technology decisions, I definitely support the general principal behind this ruling; reducing electronic waste and the need to have multiple cable types. Most manufacturers (other than the low-end still using micro-USB, and Apple) have switched to USB-C. It makes sense, IMHO. Sometimes it does take a nudge in the right direction from a body with the guts to actually DO something, even if the rest of the world squawks and complains and huffs about their trampled "rights" (read profits and feelings...). It's time we humans realize that we live on a finite planet, with finite resources, and started behaving accordingly. /rant


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