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Old MacBook Pro Bricked

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So, I managed to brick my old computer trying to get it ready to pass along to someone who could use it.

Somewhere along the line in my many moves, I tossed out the original installer DVD. After wiping the computer it seemed to automatically try and install a fresh OS. I spent about an hour or so downloading the installer and accompanying files and then attempted to run the installation.

After a few minutes, I got an error message saying: "No packages were eligible for install. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance." I did that. The Apple advisor said this may be a case of the computer not having the correct time. So he directed me to open Terminal and check. The time was correct so I tried running the installer again. I got the same results. I told the advisor thanks and that I would contact the local Apple store.

The Apple Store told me they wouldn't help me and they suggested that I go to an authorized computer store. Well, that didn't sit well with me because the MacBook Pro is only worth about $25 and I'm not in the market to sell it. I'd hoped that if I could get a basic OS installed, I want to give it to someone who could use a computer.

I tried to make a USB installer but that failed. The files that were put onto the computer during my first attempt seem to be blocking the USB drive.

I checked with the library to see if they had installer disks to check out and they said no. Now I'm going to see if anyone in my family might have a copy of Leopard OS install DVD.

A quick search of ebay showed this list of Leopard install disks. Take a look.

Thanks Jon!

Before spending any money, especially at eBay, you might get some help from this Apple Community post. If you can get any form of Leopard installed, I'd highly recommend updating to the last version, 10.5.8, which is still available from Apple as a Combo updater.

Thanks Jim,

I'll keep looking for a DVD. The files on the computer seem to have been locked somehow. I started up with my DiskWarrior on a flash drive. The Disk Utilities on there could not change or delete the installer files.

At least I know I can start up with another source such as DiskWarrior. So a DVD installer should do well.


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