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Several years ago in ran a 100' Ethernet cable from the 'computer room' up into the attic to reach the soffit where I had installed a camera. I did this near the end of May. I don't have a thermometer that can read temps as high as it gets in our attic, even in April!

Late last year, I needed to replace that camera. This time I decided to use one that would use a wall wart and connect via WiFi. Decent cameras that use PoE are more expensive and I did not want to have to 'service' that cable... ever! :Thinking: :nono:

Yesterday, our GD reported that she could not maintain contact on a Zoom meeting. These will probably become weekly as the school where she works will likely remain 'mobile-only' for the next school year. Fortunately, my old Airport Extreme has a free 100/1000 Ethernet port. All I have to do is move the cable to a new location... in JULY!!! :sweatingbullets: :wallbash:

Of course, I also need to find where one of the closets in her 'office' is, as 'seen' in the attic. I'm sure it is underneath the floor of the second story rooms. The rough floor of plywood supports the three heat/AC units up there. I'm hoping for some double-checked measuring will help determine an area where I can cut the plywood. I will then remove the fluffy fiberglass and see the straightened coat hanger wire I poked into the ceiling of the closet.

I have thought of two alternatives that would be easier and less heat-stroke prone: 1. Move the house to somewhere south of the equator. 2. Find a new job for my GD.

Job complete as of yesterday, actually. Have so much extra cable I may be able to do away with the male-to-male connector in the computer room. But the GD is happy and that's all that counts. I still have a bit of 'clean up' to do in the attic. That will definitely wait until the coldest day next Winter!! :yes:


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