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FIXED--1Password and Chrome

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Everything is now fixed. Apparently CCC had backed up several copies of 1Password, and some support files. I've now turned that off in CCC, and I've removed all those files and restarted my iMac -- all per instructions from 1Password support. All is now working.

Never mind. FF issue cleared up with a restart. Chrome issue remains, and it's an issue with Chrome.  :dntknw:

Maybe it's because I'm stuck in OS 10.13.6, but with the last security update to my OS, and both Firefox and Chrome, 1Password no longer works with either browser. I'm stuck launching 1P and doing the copy/paste routine, which gets old real fast. If I use Safari, it's seamless.

Since Safari isn't my default browser, I truly find this annoying.

If anyone knows a why to make this work, let me know. Otherwise, just consider this a rant. :soapbox:

PS: just for clarity, I run 1P7, subscription model

Have you contacted the developer for tech support?

I'm using the subscription model of 1PW, so my experiences may be slightly different. I notice that in Google Chrome, I get a windowlet(?) stating that "1Password extension Desktop app required". When I hit a site that requires password/ID/etc., what happens when I click the 'extensions' icon in Chrome, the 1PW mini app opens with the desired info window or I get the '1PW Login' window. It's the same thing as selecting the 1PW menu bar (mini) app.
BTW, this is while using 1Password 7.6.

Same thing as above happens in Firefox 77...

What version of 1PW are you using?

I've had good responses from creating questions on the 1PW Support pages. And they work weekends. :) I see Jon has suggested contacting their Support pages.

I already know from reading their forums, that there is an issue with Chrome and it's apparently something Chrome has done.

Chrome: Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The issue with Firefox has cleared up with a restart.  :dntknw:

So I'm back to using either FF or Safari when I need 1Password. Just ignore this rant. ;)

"Rant"? "RANT"?!! You want RANT?!! Just edit some of my posts if you want a 'RANT!!! '! :blush-anim-cl: Just change the subject and you'll save lots of time for more enjoyable tasks. :p
:thanx: You're welcome.

Speaking of rants... (See? I'm the [useless?] rant king!! :yahoo:)
I'm still upset, frustrated, negatively affected by the local digital news 'paper' that won't allow 1PW to insert data in the login fields. :wallbash:


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