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Short and sweet:

I can't get Mail to work w/ my email provider (I am pursuing this w/ them), but in the meantime and in case this turns out to be a dead-end, I am looking for an acceptible email client that will run 'native' in X (that is, NOT in Classic emulation - I already have OE for that, and it works just fine, but I want to get away from having to run things in Classic regularly).

Aren't there any full-function GUI UNIX mail apps that will run in X?


 - kbeartx

NB - I spent 45 minutes on the phone w/ AppleCare Level 2 Support yestiddy about the Mail probs and got no further than i did by mice-elf


I've been using Eudora for years, and the OS X version works very well. You can buy it, or use it in sponsored mode which gives a small out of the way ad.

Mozilla Mail (integrated the browser)

I use it to monitor an old email account that gets tons of spam. It should be compatible with just about any server and... it's absolutely FREE! good too.

If OS X Mail didn't work so well, it would be my next choice.

If OsX mail worked with my msn dsl I would still be using it. As is I use yahoo mail


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