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how does one go about revealing invisible folders or files using os 10.3.2 on G4 MD's?

There are several ways, but why do you want this?

The Finder will be cluttered with these files and folders. If you need it on a temporary basis, use the Go to Folder... menu item from Finder/GO Menu and enter the invisible folder name...such as /etc, /var or /tmp or the home directory of all three.../private.

To display it permanently (or untill you change it back) you can use a utility such as Cocktail or type this in the Terminal:

defaults write "AppleShowAllFiles" 'TRUE'

Type the above exactly as it appears, then press ENTER or RETURN exit the terminal and ForceQuit (ReLaunch) the Finder from AppleMenu-->ForceQuit Menu.

All invisible files, directories will be shown.

To change it back type the same, except replace TRUE with NO. Remember all quotes must be included and typed as shown, double and single quotes. Also, the command is case sensitive, so pay attention to case placement.

BTW, you're doing this as the user and not the "all powerful" root, so don't worry about damaging your system. This is a USER preference.

Have Fun!

kps,your suggestion worked a treat but I have been left with a nasty little gremlin, let me explain:
What I was trying to do (stupid me,If it ain't broken don't fix it) I already had my network connectionup and running  between my G3 G4 and pc,very smooth.
I in my wisdom thought I would try out an application which was dedicated to this sort of thing, it was called Dave, once installed (it alters you existing settings £$"!XC%££!) I decided that it was not for me and did the usual and trashed it completely (or so I thought) it was when I used Finder to see if there was any trace of it left, sure was,  those damned invisible files hence my reason for asking for your help. The nasty little gremlin shows up when I try to communicate with my pc (not with the other Mac) up pops the message "please reinstall Dave setup"! how do I get rid of that when all reference to the application has (supposedly) been trashed?
That'll teach me to leave well enough alone.

Dave has an uninstaller. If you don't have it, go to Thursby's site and get it.

I'm not familliar with "DAVE", having never used it. I would suggest you be careful when trying to delete any invisible files.

Do you know what DAVE installed where and what the files are called? It may have also modified OS X system files and deleting any of those may lead to bigger problems than just a dialog box. Do you see the problem? Not everything installed or modified by the DAVE installer will be obvious as belonging to that application... For all I know that message dialog may be evoked from an error in the PC... heaven forbid. ;-)

If Thursby has an uninstaller, as bobw suggests, than that is a good route to take. You may have to reinstall DAVE first and then uninstall the whole thing. At worst, contact Thursby.


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