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I have Macintosh G3 Beige tower with OS 8.6 running with 768 mb and 2 hard drives @ 9GB.  Yesterday, I created a new ISP in Internet Assistant, and connected it, successfully.  However, I opened any browser such as IE, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla.. any website I wanted to surf won't show said unable to find it.  How can I solve the problem?  

Thanks, guys!

If you can not browse to any Web sites, that means the settings in your TCP/IP control panel (OS Classic) or Network preference pane (OS X) are wrong. Specifically, you have the wrong values where it says "ame Server Address."

You may need to put in the addresses of your ISP's domain name servers.

What network settings are you currently using?

Thanks for your suggestion.  I forgot to mention ..  after I had trouble to surf websites via a new ISP, and I change to my old ISP, and it occurs the same problem.  Before I add a new ISP, I had no problem to surf with my old ISP, and after adding a new ISP, I cannot surf with both old and new ISP!  Sigh...      

Go over your settings carefully.  

Open Transport: TCP/IP Configuration

Maybe trash some Preferences. Like Internet Config.  

Go to your System Folder and find a file called MacTCP DNR.

Since you are running 8.6 you can trash that file, then restart. A new one will be recreated.

If that doesn't help go through all the steps listed here:

Inability to connect to web


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