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TT Pro4 vs Disk Warrior

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I wasted my money on Disk Warrior, because a month latter I bought TT Pro4 which does the same thing and more. Plus the fact that DW has issues with Panther. Comments.

DiskWarrior has no issues with Panther, and will fix directory problems that TechTool Pro v4 won't.

Opinions differ I guess. I did the directory function in TT and immediately booted into DW and ran the graph. TT did deal with with the directory properly.

Don't they both deal with the directory in a different manner?  I just received my free upgrade copy of TT4 and am waiting to do a full backup before running through the tests.  TT4 doesn't seem to have the ability to see what shape your directory is in, by way of a graph,before actually replacing it.  DW (at least 2.x) did.  Micromat has also updated Drive 10.  Why are they working on a product that TT4 has replaced?  Does Drive 10 do something TT4 doesn't?

I've heard from people that could fix a directory problem with TTP and DW did fix it. I keep both.


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