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Firewire Cables/Enclosures


I was surfing the ol' web this morning looking for a Firewire cable that is less than 6 feet long;  I only need 1-2 feet to reach my iBook.

I stumbled upon this neat looking retractable Firewire cable at Macally.  May be just the ticket unless someone has a better idea...

And this external Firewire/USB 2.0 enclosure at Cooldrives (thanks for the link KPS) has a third Firewire port under the power switch on the front of the unit.  That makes connecting to the drive a lot more convenient than having to plug-in to a rear port or leaving a cable connected at all times.  I'm assuming that the enclosure can be stood on its side in addition to laying flat.

Now I just have to decide which drive to buy...

This Western Digital 200GB 7200RPM/8MB drive seems like a Real Deal at $130 after rebates.


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