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Which is worse?

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I need to choose between the lesser of two evils.

I know the recommended way to restart the system is via the software commands in the menu (OS 9). This is preferred over the three finger restart via keyboard.

BUT, when I do that I have to turn off my monitor, wait a second til the light goes out and then turn it back on. If I don't do that I get just a black screen. For some reason having to do with the video card, I lose the connection on a software restart. However on a keyboard restart the video comes back without turning off the monitor.

So, which is worse, doing a keyboard restart or turning off and on the monitor?  

Take my advice. Turning off the monitor is worse. Do the keyboard restart.

(I have no techincal back up for that, just want you to rest easy.)

When you say "keyboard restart," what do you mean? If you mean hitting the power switch, waiting for the "Do you want to shut down your computer?" dialog, and pressing R or clicking the Restart button, then it is the same as the menu restart.

If you mean resetting the computer--DON'T DO THIS. Doing this does not write out the contents of the cache to disk and does not close down the filesystem properly. Every time you reset your computer this way, you run the risk of corrupted disk directory entries or damaged files.

By keyboard restart I mean the Command, Control, Power restart that is usually reserved for when the machine is otherwise frozen.
Usually referred to as the three finger salute.


Would it make any difference if I manually close down all the open apps then do the key restart?

Of course all this wouldn't be necessary if I could figure out how to overcome the dropping of signal to the monitor and inability to reconnect without turning it totally off.  

Why have an off switch on the monitor if it's not intended to be used?

Monitor switch off vote here.


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