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Which is worse?

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I vote for turning the monitor off and doing the software restart. At least until you can get the monitor disconnect problem fixed. Perhaps a visit to the video board's maker might reveal some kind of upgrade )software or firmware).

As for why the monitor has a power switch, it's probably the same reason there's one on the Mac - 'that's just the way we've always done it!' and we have all these switches in the warehouse...

Thanks for the input.

My concern in frequently turning the monitor off and on is whether it will have a negative impact on the longevity of the CRT, not to mention the switch itself. I can hear that "poing" sound when the monitor is turned back on and I can only imagine it taking its toll.

I suppose it is akin to the argument over whether leaving the computer on all the time or turning it off will lead to longer lasting life?

When the computer is restarted via the keyboard I do have the Disk First Aid window come up that tells me the computer wasn't shut down properly, blah blah, and it then checks and repairs before loading extensions. So I'm not saving any time this way but it beats having to turn the monitor off and on, which needs to  be done before the ATI extension loads.  

Gary S:

I still don't understand why you have to turn your monitor off and on again after shutting down the proper way via the Menu->Shut Down or the power switch->Are you sure you want to shut down your computer now?

It's no different than someone hittting you with a hammer to put you to sleep.

The joy of all those extra PCI Slots.

Of course you Zapped the PRAM first thing?

QUOTE(Gary S @ Jan 30 2004, 10:07 AM)I still don't understand why you have to turn your monitor off and on again after shutting down the proper way ...
 Shutting down is not the problem since I turn the monitor off anyway. It's using the restart system command that loses sync.

Here's another oddity... if I use the Startup Disk and restart via that to another partition, no problem. It keeps sync and the monitor comes back on of its own accord. It's only if I restart to the same system. And some installations that require a restart will also bring back the monitor, not all, but many will.

Why would zapping the PRAM have any affect under these circumstances? But anyway I've zapped the PRAM a few times over the past year and it hasn't made any difference. I've just been putting up with this annoyance for all that time..

Man, this is really perplexing.    Guess I'll have to live with it.  


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