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Major Memory Problem

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I'm having a bizarre memory problem.

When I click for info on my laptop hard drive, it says that I have 9.36 GB capacity, and that 8.53 GB of that is used, so that only 850 MB are available. But this didn't make any sense to me, because I have a 150 GB external hard drive, and I moved all my large files to that. Basically, all that is left on my laptop hard drive is my applications, my schoolwork, and whatever accrues due to my usage of the computer (cache for my browsers, etc.).

I thought, where in the heck are all the large files using this memory? So first thing I did is restart my computer. Then I went and checked info on the only four folders in my hard drive: 1) Applications, 2) Library, 3) System, 4) Users.
The bizarre thing is that the total memory used in those folders adds to only 4.48 GB.

So then I used the Finder's Find function, and searched for all documents in my hard drive over 20 MB in size. It only returned three: two that were in a Mozilla folder (in my user library), and I deleted those, and one 500 MB Quake III file.

What's going on? I do have a hypothesis:
I was downloading movies off my filesharing program (Poison) the other night, and although none of them were completed, I saw a bunch of them had downloaded between 90-200 MB. I've had my preferences set to store completed files and incomplete files (while they're downloading) in my external hard drive. I've had some problems with Poison before not properly downloading to these folders, but onto my laptop, and because none of these files showed up in my incomplete folder on the external hard drive, I'm assuming that's what happened; however, before I was able to locate these files and move them to where they belonged on my external hard drive. So if they are on my laptop hard drive somewhere and eating up all my memory, why wouldn't the calculation of memory used in the four folders show it? Why wouldn't the find function locate these files?

Is this a virus? I've never been so confused by something seemingly so simple. Where's my other 5 GB?

Thomas S. England:
Can't answer you directly, but this little app may help:

Here's an article on it:

Not to be insulting, but you do empty your trash, right?

VERY neat. Thomas.


Thomas, thanks, you're program worked like a charm.

I still need your help. Apparently, all these folders were invisible, and they're stored in a fifth folder on my laptop hard drive called "Volumes". This caught me off guard because I didn't know Macs hid files. Unlike with PC's, I don't know how to make this folder- and all the files in it- visible so that I may access and move them. I could do this through the "Find" option, but that's messy and will take longer, and besides, it's best I learned how to hidden files works on my computer in case this happens in the future (and just for general purposes).

Thanks again.

Alright. I used the Find function to "see" and open the Volumes folder, and I was able to move all the files from there with ease. But now I want to delete that folder so Poison won't try to keep downloading files to it. How do I do this? And why was this folder created? I didn't create it.

I tried to delete it, but it told me it couldn't because it was protected by the Root. How do I delete it? Do I go through my library or something?

Thanks. Your help is much appreciated.


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