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Major Memory Problem

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NOT a Memory problem.  A Hard Drive problem.

Use  the Finder 's  "FIND" function   set to see BOTH visible and invisible files.  Now, scan for large files.


YOu may try resetting your default download folder.

Do you have Fetch? Open Fetch go Customize>Prefereces>Downloads. Set your preferred download location there. Now go to the General tab>Click "Use Internet Config".

In 9 I'd look for "Internet Config" and set the preference there, just to make sure. In Jag, it's System Preferences>Internet>Web and in Panther.....I don't know.

Poison may be a bit different, it might have created it's own download folder, so I'd check prefs for the application also.

I hope I am not too late, but please do not do ANYTHING with the Volumes folder. It is a folder created by MacOS X and is required for proper operation. Messing with it could lead to major problems.

As for Poisoned, you can set the download folders in the preferences for that program. I have never needed to change them from default, so I cannot tell you if I have had the same problem.

There are literally thousands of invisible files and folders in X. Usually the main reason is to make it at least difficult for the average user to darg one to the trash. And even if you did, they are usually locked and/or need Root authority.

Fortunately it is easy to look for them with the Finders "Find" function. BTW, isn't it nice to actually have the Finder capable of finding stuff?!



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